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    Has anyone experienced this?


      I logged onto Adobe Support and was dismayed by the merry-go-round nature of the website. I only wanted to update my Lightroom within the CC  have been subscribed to for a year or so. I was appalled by the reaction and attitude of two support staff people.The first one blatantly refused to help and advised me to cancel my CC subscription, he then hung up on me. I then called back and I believe I had the same person as he knew in advance who I was, presumably my telephone number is recorded - he then hung up on me again. After speaking to a third support operative I was told the £10 a month CC subscription does not come with any level of support. I eventually figured out for myself how to fix my problem by speaking to a friend. I lead photographic workshops as a professional and have always recommended Adobe products and Lightroom in particular to my clients - I will no longer recommend a single client to subscribe. Indeed I will relay my experience to everyone I speak to and advise them to steer clear with a barge pole. Support not only is non existent but the operative I spoke to were just rude and didn't give a damn!

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          Victoria Bampton LR Queen Adobe Community Professional & MVP

          That's crazy Tony! I know the staff must be completely burned out by the week's chaos, but that's not acceptable behavior. Thank you for sharing it, so Adobe can sort it out. Do you happen to have any case numbers?

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            99jon Adobe Community Professional & MVP

            Sorry to hear about this experience Tony. I don’t work for Adobe so can’t offer any apologies as I simply volunteer to help in this user to user community. I think the agent could have been more helpful in directing you to the on-line chat support (assuming you telephoned). For the future make a note of this:


            Click the link below, sign-in and wait for the page to fully load.

            1. Choose Account Issues
            2. Choose Adobe ID and signing in
            3. Scroll to the bottom of the page and choose - Show me my contact options
            4. Click Chat



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              Nicolas Ribot Adobe Employee

              Hi Anthony,

              Sorry for the poor experience with support!

              Could you please share your case number so we can look into it?



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                Tonyb1960 Level 1

                Hi Nicola, thank you for your interaction.


                For your information they didn't give me a case number as I was speaking to them via the telephone.


                Just as an addendum to my previous post (in the light of the kind replies) I did try the on-line chat prior to speaking to the support operatives but waited for so long for a response I terminated the request as I assumed there was some kind of issue with the system. May I point out that I am not the kind of person that complains but as I was treated with absolute contempt and what can only be described as arrogance, I thought I'd find out if this had happened to anyone else - hence my post.


                My thanks