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    XMLLists as Dataprovider problem

      I have an XML variable "theResult" equal to the following xml from a flickr webservice call (without data):

      I added the <tags> and <tag> manually. I wanted to display this data in a TileList of VBoxes, so I set the dataProvider of the TileList as "{theResult.photos.photo}", without any problem. I also wanted to display each tag, so I tried setting a Repeater in the VBox with a dataProvider of "{data.tags.tag}". However, nothing displayed, so after much searching I discovered that setting "{data.tags.children()}" as the dataProvider for the Repeater would work. I just would like to know why this is so, just to satisfy the curiosity that futile hours of work have built up. Shouldn't data.tags.tag be an XMLList just as theResult.photos.photo or is data found using "." notation handled somehow differently for XMLLists than XMLs?