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    White gap to right of screen - Can't find object that is causing this?

    Cliffsta B Level 1

      Hi Folks,


      Been looking around at many different posts of people who have found in site design within muse the case where there is a white gap to the right of the screen, with the addition of a horizontal scroll bar.


      In most cases, Muse folks have responded to check that there is no object outside of the page area. I have done this, but the problem persists.

      I have seen in other cases Muse staff who have checked peoples files and then said something like "You have a black box in the background, set to stretch to browser width - Delete this and replace with browser colour"


      Now, I cannot do the above as I have a number of image elements within containers which are stretched to browser width.


      So my general question is - Besides objects which are out of page bounds, are there any other issues which could cause this issue? I have narrowed it down to containers which fit to browser width, either with another container within - Or with a filled image. But I am unable to narrow down further!


      Anyone have any advice?




      (My challenge is that I am working on a secret site "ooh la la" of a product which is launching so its tricky to share my muse file to the public!)