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    Lightroom CC on iOS export to Camera Roll limited to 5 megapixels or so


      I am exploring new features and trying some things out. Trying to figure out a way to migrate from Lightroom Classic to Lightroom CC.


      I created a couple of collections of photos taken recently in Lightroom Classic and marked them for syncing to CC.


      Do this : export a few full resolution photos taken in Camera RAW and saved in CC to Camera Roll.  Observe that exported photos are not at their maximum resolution of 21 megapixels (my Camera) and instead they are at about 5 megapixels.


      Here is another mystery. Open up Lightroom CC on the Desktop (Mac in my case) and try to save one of the images as Full Sized JPEGS -- I get a message saying that original full-res RAW is not available. Hmmm... That is unsettling. I might have to stick to Lightroom Classic and my old workflow if CC mysteriously loses original RAWs uploaded just minutes ago.


      Is there a way to fix this? Am I doing something wrong?


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