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    Updating Error


      Is there just no help for this error?


      Adobe Acrobat XI Pro version


      When I try to update my laptop (Help, Check for Updates), it brings up a window saying there is an update available, goes through downloading process, but at end gives me error 1328.  I removed program (Control Panel, Uninstall a program), and reinstalled.  Tried updates again.  Same error message.


      I manually downloaded the update (not via the Check for Updates) and updated it at one time and was able to get it to update.  However, I keep getting notifications that an update is available on a continual basis, and in the process of trying to update it, get error 1328.


      There are fifty-eleven results about this on Google, so apparently it is a broad problem... not sure why Adobe won't just fix it and be done with it.


      Buy a program and have to fool with this aggravation, doesn't make sense that I can't even contact them for support, other than thru a forum.