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    Photoshop CC Render Video stuck at Initializing Video Export.

    architaraztype Level 1


      I have Photoshop and Illustrator, yearly CC subscription.

      Decided to trial After Effects (it also automatically installs Media Encoder).

      But after installation, Photoshop is somehow unable to render any video (timeline video), it is stuck at "initializing video export".

      Searching through internet didn't help, couldn't resolve the issue.

      Things I've tried:

      Uninstalling After Effects -  didn't help

      Completely uninstalling Creative Cloud and reinstalling -  didn't help

      Restore the so-called Photoshop Preferences file  - didn't help (did it with shortcut, message appeared as expected).

      Tried to disable OpenGL - didn't help


      So here I am

      I am on Mac.

      Help me pls or the only solution I see is to reset my Mac.


      Thanks you in advance!!!