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    Generate > Image Assets (Error)

    josephr19774008 Level 1

      Hi Everyone,


      I have a question on why this error appears when I'm trying to generate assets with the "Image Assets" feature. I received this PSD from one of our consultants in Korea.


      Error Message: "Asset path is too long: 4x/Wired.png"


      This is the code I'm using on my layer: "1x/Wired.png, 150% 1.5x/Wired.png, 200% 2x/Wired.png, 300% 3x/Wired.png, 400% 4x/Wired.png, SVG/Wired.svg"


      This works perfectly fine on other PSDs and it works fine if I duplicate this layer into a new PSD.


      What could be causing this issue in this PSD I received from our consultant? She is using a PC where I'm using a mac. I really don't think that would cause the issue. Would having an older version of Photoshop cause this to happen maybe? But the weird thing is I put the new icons into this PSD. I also tested placing these icons into other PSDs. Older versions and a brand new one and they work there.


      Any ideas what could be causing this issue in this PSD? Thanks for your help Everyone!