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    DC - Accessibility - Artifact Stops future tags being made

    pramaker Level 1

      I have a problem while remediating pdf files. on a non-tagged document I select the top line underneath my header and set it as a background (artifact). Afterwards, I go to select the footer and attempt to tag that as a background and no tags will be displayed on the left order pane, nor on the document. I'll even attempt to tag a paragraph; however, that won't get displayed on the left column or create a graphical structure type for the tag on the page. Does anyone know why my Acrobat Pro DC version 2015.023.20053 is acting up this way?


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          pramaker Level 1

          After testing multiple scenarios to attempt to figure out what was going on. I found a solution; although this differs from how I seen others actually setup the artifacts...


          1. Tag all content, headers, paragraphs, lists, etc.. First.
          2. Tag ALL background (artifacts) together in one swoop. If done individually, the same issue will occur and halt the tags from being generated.


          If anyone else has another solution, please let me know.

          - Thanks,


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            mandyt87192246 Level 1

            Is this a bug or glitch with the system? I never used to have any issues with tagging items as background or figures but all of a sudden I am unable to tag with the Reading Order Tool or with any other method. I have graphics in the headers and footers which I wish to make 'background' but for some reason, I cannot change the tag? Some of the graphics are marked 'P' and I can't even change to Figure to add alt text. When I attempt to override the tag itself manually, Adobe crashes. I have resorted to deleting the tagged items which are non-essential in hopes that I can still achieve a pass. This is very time consuming and frustrating considering I am on a client deadline for a report to be posted on their website.


            I have checked for updates to the program and I am using the most current version so I have asked my IT dept. to find me an older version and downgrade in hopes that I will be able to make docs accessible once again.


            Is there anything else I can do? Do we know if Adobe is working to correct this issue?


            Thanks Kindly