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    Upgrade Apache on AMS 5.014

    JIBC AUG Level 1

      Just installed the latest version of AMS from Adobe. Since installing, I have been notified that the Apache version included (2.4.25) needs to be upgraded to at least version 2.4.26. I am running AMS on a Windows machine and have tried to update Apache following the instructions - Adobe Media Server Help | Configuring Apache HTTP Server yet Apache is unable to start. Can someone provide instructions on how to upgrade Apache or can Adobe provide an updated installer?

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          hparmar Adobe Employee

          If you  have your own apache binaries up and running then all you need is to take Apache conf folder from an existing AMS  installation and drop it in your setup. and copy following module files from existing AMS apache installation and copy to new Apache setupadobe_modules_apache.png


          Also note that new apache root should be exactly in the same location inside AMS installation folder.

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            I have compiled Apache 2.4.29 on my own on my machine and found it working fine based on my preliminary assessment...

            You an try this out but please bear in mind that it is not any sort of official release and that your are using it at your own risk/discretion.