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    Importing 2 .as files

    trigger2160 Level 1
      I am having a problem importing two .as files. i have my .fla file in a directory plus two .as files, one is called classA.as and the other is called classB.as. if i import either of these classes into the .fla file then everything is fine. if i import both classes on the same frame then i get the error message below:

      "**Error** Scene=Scene 1, layer=Layer 1, frame=1:Line 4: The class 'ClassB.as' cannot be imported because its leaf name is already being resolved to imported class 'ClassA.as'.
      import ClassB.as;"

      the code that i use to import both classes is the following:

      import ClassA.as;
      import ClassB.as;

      before i restructured my code i had the part to do with ClassA on one frame and the part to do with ClassB on another frame and this worked fine. so why can i not have all my code on one frame and import both classes at once?