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    Scan a document for collecting the values of some fields

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      I created a document (I don't know how to upload a pdf, therefore you can access a sample via Dropbox : https://www.dropbox.com/s/fni2eur4t1w48qa/Data_collecting%20.pdf?dl=0) of several pages and I need to extract the value of a field which can appear on some of the pages.


      These fields are named:






      Page one can start with the field Source.2

      the following page can be free of such a field

      The field Source.8 may appear on page 3



      I am trying to scan each page for finding a field starting with "Source." and if found, to copy its value to another field starting with "Result." but with the same index :

      Result.3 value = Source.2 value

      Result.10 value = Source.10 value



      Please pay attention : the fields "Source." contain fixed references and the displayed pages are issued from templates. Therefore, I need to know which reference fields appear ont the displayed pages, and then capture their value. The list of "Result" will show part of the fields with a value, and the others must stay empty.



      Here below is the beginning of my story... but I miss too much knowledge to continue...



      Can someone help me to finalize it ?

      Many thanks in advance.



      ATTEMPT to display the value in app.alert (!!! infinite loop !!!




      for (var a
      = 0; a < this.numPages; a++) {


      for (var i
      = 0; i < this.numFields; i++) {


                    var f = this.getField(nameField);

                    var str=nameField;

                    var OK =

                    if (OK > -1) {