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    I miss some functions...


      Hi all,


      I just switched from Lightroom Classic to the new one. I tested it and liked how it feels, also the performance was nice. So I changed my abo and "bought" it, migrated my cataloge and was happy. The synching between my devices works great, I like the browser-version as i can show all images everywhere if I want to, even at work.


      Today i wanted to find fotos in a specific month with lets say ISO = 800. This was possible in the classic version and I miss it. Will there be (more) filters for meta data?

      Also I'm not able to create HDRs out of multiple images.

      Will there be some more features in the future or shall I go back to classic as there's nothing in sight?

      I regret that I haven't tested more intense as I uninstalled classic because I needed disc-space (thats why I switched to CC...)


      Kind regards