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    receiving error "Not backed up, Corrupt original"

    unkai Level 1

      This is somewhat distressing. I have migrated my library from Lightroom Classic to CC, and as the originals are beginning to sync, in Grid view, I've noticed that several images are marked with a red exclamation mark, indicating the error: "Not backed up, Corrupt original"


      Screenshot 2017-10-25 11.02.21.png


      I don't see a straightforward way of rectifying this error. For example, can I show all of these corrupt images in Grid view? Once shown, can I re-import them in a straightforward manner? Since these images are now in CC, there is no option for "Show in Finder" as there was in Classic, so locating the originals is both challenging and time consuming.


      Lastly, the images seem to be fine in Lightroom Classic, so I assume that the migration process to Lightroom CC corrupted them - unfortunately.


      Any advice, tips, or updates to Lightroom CC are welcomed.