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    My Frame Numbers are Mismatched! Help!

      I added a new scene before my main scene for a loading bar and now I have to access the 3rd frame by running gotoAndStop(4);, and so on where each frame's actionscript location is plus 1. If I have actionscript go to frame 1, it goes to the first frame of the previous scene. This is not a major problem, but I would need to change most of my script which would be tedious. Thnx.
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          robdillon Most Valuable Participant
          I'm not sure that there is a question here. In any case, you should never use scenes. You should never use frame numbers as targets for a gotoAndStop() command.

          Scenes are left over from the very early versions of Flash. Even back then they worked poorly. When the Flash movie is compiled, the actual scenes are thrown out and each scene's timeline is appended to the previous scene's timeline, making one long timeline. This is why your frame numbers are incorrect.

          If you get in the habit of setting frame labels for key points in your timeline, you can then use those label names for navigation instead of frame numbers.