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    Synced (or waiting to be synced) 1GB .tif files open in photoshop as 1 layer

    jasonb51283734 Level 1



      First post here.  I have many multi layer tif files shat show in the new lightroom cc as roughly 1gb (not sure why they're that big as they are generally 8-10 layers).  The corresponding raf originals are 32mb or so.  My expectation was that when I sent those tif files to be edited in photoshop, the layers would be intact.  Instead they show as only the background layer, which i can edit and it syncs fine, but i cannot change prior PS edits as those layers are gone.  Not the end of the world as I will keep a copy of the original, but LR CC shows a huge file size for something that is only a background layer.  Does anyone have any insights on this?  Many thanks.