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    Spinning blue circle

    deebr Level 1

      I've recently updated to the new Lightroom CC on my Mac. I used the application once to review a large number of photographs taken over the weekend. Now when I open the application, I get the spinning blue circle. I've followed all the forum instruction I can about trashing/renaming various folders and re-installing Adobe CC. Nothing works. I can't access my photos. Any suggestions please?

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          freyherme Level 1

          I have the same issue.  Application just spins and spins and never loads.  I have tried every single trouble-shooting tip I can find and nothing works.  I've even tried installing Lightroom CC on another Mac and got the same behavior.  I even setup a brand new Adobe ID to start with a completely fresh database, and still the same behavior!  I am using a Mac on High Sierra.  Maybe Lightroom CC is just not compatible with High Sierra?

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            Same issue here.

            Using latest version of Lightroom CC on a Windows 10 (version1709) PC (Surface Book) .

            Un/Reinstall didn't help.

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              Jao vdL Adobe Community Professional & MVP

              Same problem. Uninstall reinstall doesn't help. Everything works fine on iOS, web, and Classic.

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                JimHess Adobe Community Professional & MVP

                Using Lightroom CC on Windows 10. Still working. I have only downloaded a few images directly, so I don't have very many full-sized images in the cloud. But they still load as well as all my collections from Lightroom Classic CC. The other difference may be is that both programs are on the same computer still. I haven't ventured to install Lightroom CC on another computer yet.

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                  Jao vdL Adobe Community Professional & MVP

                  Fixed my issue by rebooting the entire machine. A bad authentication had gotten stuck in Lightroom CC but only in Lightroom CC. Loggin out and back into my CC account did not help nor did deleting everything to do with Lightroom CC including preferences and its library but rebooting the computer did.

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                    malcolmm10465647 Level 1

                    I have the same problem, a spinning blue circle. I tried all the fixes on the forum to no avail. I have had two screen sharing sessions with Adobe help team both just dithered about the screen without offering any solutions. One said leave it for a couple of hours and if it still occurs get back to us (I'd already told him it had been going on a week so what's another two hours going to do!) the second one said she would have to consult with other help experts and get back to me. Hey ho I got an email saying case closed! Meanwhile Lightroom CC is useless to me, Adobe are happy to take my subscription every month but seem unable to help, so actually I'm paying for something that doesn't work!

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                      Victoria Bampton LR Queen Adobe Community Professional & MVP

                      malcolmm10465647  wrote


                      Meanwhile Lightroom CC is useless to me


                      Malcolm, can I get you to post it as a "problem" at Lightroom CC | Photoshop Family Customer Community  please? The engineers hang out there, and if anyone will be able to figure it out, hopefully they will.

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                        Also having the same issue. I left it to 'load' for over a week and it still hasn't done anything. I've tried all the troubleshooting as well. It was working fine prior to the last update

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                          Neox99 Level 4

                          I just added 20 random photos. ,jpgs, .cr2s, .tifs, .dngs.

                          Less than 30 seconds to completion.

                          The problems are NOT on the Adobe end of the sync process.

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                            fliplip1 Level 2

                            Same issue here on Window 10. It was working fine for a while but now nothing. LR knows im logged in as the program says its licensed to me, but it cant get any data from the Adobe side, not even how much Cloud space i have/used

                            On the same PC LR Classic is working fine with synced images.


                            If i try and add files to LR CC that i have already added it tells me there is an error and the file is already synced, even though there is nothing in LR CC at all. Its not just a warning, its a convoluted error message.

                            Bloody mess.

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                              Jao vdL Adobe Community Professional & MVP

                              Fliplip, have you tried the solitiun in here? Completely log out of creative cloud from the cc app. Reboot the computer. log in to creative cloud again and go back to Lightroom CC. That resolved the spinning blue circle for me a few times now. I noticed in my computer log files that lightroom CC was trying to use an empty logon to creative cloud. No clue where it is getting that but logging out and rebooting seems to be the only way to clear it

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                                fliplip1 Level 2

                                Thanks for the reply but yes, ive tried that.

                                In fact i use two accounts on my PC, and it was after changing accounts and back again that this issue appeared. Ive even uninstalled LR CC twice.

                                My personal account has LR CC and Classic installed, my work account has Audition and Indesign, so they shouldn't interfere with each other. This was been working fine until about a week ago.


                                My PC gets turned off each night so its getting regular reboots, but i have tried your method a few times.

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                                  erikad17305053 Level 1

                                  by Mohit Goyal on Oct 26, 2017 11:01 PM

                                  I have got some steps for you to follow.


                                  1. Quit Lightroom CC
                                  2. Navigate to the catalog folder
                                    1. In Mac Finder, go to Pictures.  Right click on Lightroom library.lrlibrary and choose “Show Package Contents”
                                    2. In Windows Explorer, go to c:\users\<username>\AppData\Local\Adobe\Lightroom CC\Data
                                  3. You’ll see a folder with a long string of characters for the name.  Open that.
                                  4. Select any file that starts with “Managed Catalog” and delete or move the files to the desktop location in one single folder. Note: if you see an error trying to remove any of these files, reboot the computer then try the delete again.  If any of these files are left behind, corruption is almost certain to reoccur.
                                  5. Start Lightroom CC. It will sync down your images from the cloud.


                                  Let us know if the above steps help you fix this issue.



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                                    This worked for me, thank you SO much!!!