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    Persistent black frame problem in After Effects

    branker Level 1

      For many videos now I have had a black frame problem in After Effects. Random black frames appearing in the preview window and export. As well as random frames from a different part of the video, although that is less frequent.


      It seems like it would be a frame rate problem, but it still happens when frame rates are all matched. As I edit in Premiere and then export, which is then brought into After Effects. I also bring in separate videos in the an After Effects comp for B roll that will have the black frame problem, and the frame rate of those videos is not something I have control over. That is unless I exported a copy of the video from Premiere and changed the frame rate settings before export. This would be tedious to do, and there is no guarantee it would work.


      But if this problem does not happen in Premiere it seems like it is a problem that can be fixed in After Effects. Regardless it seems like something that should be possible to fix.


      Can Adobe fix this problem for future updates?


      [Edit] I don't remember this problem until a fairly recent update, so it's a possible glitch of some change that happened. Which affirms this problem is unnecessary.