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    Image Database?




      Our clients are constantly asking for a webpage where they can see all the lifestyle images we've created for them. This would include a small thumbnail and the ability to preview before downloading. Also, they'd like to filter based on category and search based on product code.


      Any ideas how to do this in muse or any other adobe program???

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          fotoroeder Adobe Community Professional

          You should go with 3rd party widgets and search at musewidgets.com.

          It will get a challenge, though.

          Muse-themes.com has published a new widget today.

          But, it would be much more powerful to use a stable CMS. I´m not sure if this is really sustainable with muse.

          At least I would have look at BC to stay with muse, as your client might not be willing to purchase a new website with a new system.


          To show images before downloading, maybe LR CC is a solution? No need for an extra website, but depends on what is really needed.


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