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    Fireworks CS3 Rich Symbol Visibility setting

      In this graphic symbol that I created, I have three layers named: morecolortag, saletag and coupontag. When I tried to make each of them a line in the "create symbol script" window, and give each of them the "visible" attribute, it doesn't seem to work the way I expected them to work.

      What I would like to happen is for this symbol to have 3 elements independant from each other that can be toggled on/off. What I found with this symbol, though, is that all three would toggle on and off together.

      Once I insert a copy of this symbol into my document, when I toggle one element, the other two elements always get turned on/off together. It seems that although the script was created the way that makes these three seperated, they still change together.

      Is it possible to have multiple elements in one symbol that can be turned visible / off independantly?