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    Eye Gaze Keyboard Controls reversed

    TDFAP Level 2

      Not my day for eyes...  When I use the keyboard arrow keys to control eye gaze, pressing right makes the pupil go left, left is right. Up is down and down is up. (this also happens when I use camera or mouse control, so I believe I have encounter an error in my rigging.) Another puppet seems to be missing a layer that should be visible. The pupil is toggled true in its visibility in rigging, tagged as a pupil, set within pupil range on a clipping mask, and is the neutral group setting in the swap set, but it still will not appear in the scene. What else could be causing visibility issues to this layer?

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          TDFAP Level 2

          I have now solved the issue with the AP puppet missing his pupil. While I was correct that all layers were correctly labeled, tagged and visible, there was a cycle layers behavior that was mistakenly applied to the entire Right Eye group (as opposed to the blink group within it,) that was causing the pupil to vanish after only 1 frame. An easy mistake to make, but a difficult one to discover. My Negative AP puppet (the dark blue guy in the previous video) is still experiencing a reversal of eye movement when the arrow keys/camera/mouse control his eye gaze. Hopefully I will discover that mistake soon!!