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    "Some photos invalid" error message in sync dialog

    ChristopherCScott Level 1

      After migrating my Lightroom Classic catalog to Lightroom CC on one computer (which raised no errors), I installed Lightroom CC on another computer. After syncing my ~44,000 photos, the sync icon now displays a red exclamation mark and (when I click on it) the sync dialog shows the message "Some Photos Invalid" (see image below).


      The message persists after restarting the application. I don't see any way to determine which photos are invalid or to resolve the issue. Forum and web searches haven't turned up anything. Has anyone else encountered this? Is there a way to repair invalid images, or even just identify them so that I can delete and re-import them?

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          I also have this error after migration. 

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            I had same issue. To get rid of the error, I deleted the "Lightroom Library.lrlibrary" file which was in the Pictures directory on my iMac. Then I relaunched Lightroom CC and it rebuilt this file. I have 33,000 photos (about 170GB) in the Lightroom Cloud. It took about 2 hours to rebuild the catalog file. This cleared the error.


            Later, I edited and deleted some photos on my iPad when I had left Lightroom CC running on my iMac. I got the "invalid photos" message again. Maybe this is the cause of the error -- the two Lightpad apps not knowing how to handle simultaneous changes. I am now deleting the catalog and rebuilding it once more to clear this error.


            Hope this helps!!

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              ChristopherCScott Level 1

              I ended up syncing Lightroom Classic after the migration. Once it finished, it showed a "Sync Errors" category (right below "All Photographs" in the navigator). It turned out that there were 9 photos (all taken around the same time) that were corrupt, so I deleted them from the disk (which also deleted them from the cloud). This seems to have solved the problem, at least on mobile - Lightroom on my Mac is still syncing, but I expect the issue to be resolved there as well.


              Your advice was still helpful, rcrobert, since after syncing Lightroom Classic on my Mac, Lightroom CC on my Mac got the infamous perpetually-spinning-blue-circle issue. Deleting the lrlibrary file seems to have resolved that.


              (As an aside, syncing with Lightroom Classic took a surprisingly long time - 5 days, compared to the 2 days it took to upload my whole library when migrating to Lightroom CC. This is especially weird considering that Lightroom Classic didn't need need to upload or download any photos - Activity Monitor on my Mac showed that it was using hardly any network activity, it just chewed up 100% CPU for days on end and wrote a tonne of data (100s of GB) to disk. But eventually it finished and it seems to have worked, so I can't complain too much.)

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                ChristopherCScott Level 1

                Following up on this, I think it might currently be essential to do as rcrobert suggested and delete Lightroom CC's local library file. After syncing finished, Lightroom CC on my Mac (where I had deleted the file) showed no errors, whereas Lightroom CC on my Windows PC (where I had not deleted the local library file) continued to show an error. The Windows installation shows 1 more photo synced than is actually in the cloud, though there's no clear way to identify it.


                I searched for an "lrlibrary" file on my Windows PC, but nothing showed up. If anyone has any advice for how to delete the local library file for Lightroom CC on Windows, I'd appreciate it!

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                  ChristopherCScott Level 1

                  It looks like deleting "C:\Users\[User Name]\AppData\Local\Adobe\Lightroom CC\Data" did the trick (I found this location by going to Edit > Preferences > Local Storage > Your Lightroom CC Files). Lightroom CC on my Windows PC is now re-syncing everything; I'm hopeful that this will be the end of the saga.

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                    Roundarc Level 1

                    Deleted "C:\Users\[User Name]\AppData\Local\Adobe\Lightroom CC\Data" and re-synced CC.  The error returned after the sync was complete.  I opened Classic and there are no sync errors in the navigation area.  I wish there was and easy way to find out which files are offending.

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                      jazzwilliam Level 1

                      This thread is very informative....i really appreciate the suggestion shared by rcrobert. When a similar migration issue happened with me, I tried  Photo Repair Software like Stellar Phoenix JPEG Repair, Pixrecovery etc to fix few corrupt images, which was suggested by some forum member. The corrupt images were repaired but in future I would love to give a shot to the suggestions shared in this thread.

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                        ChristopherCScott Level 1

                        rcrobert, that's unfortunate. It sounds like we're encountering different issues. It looks like the issue is now fully resolved across mobile, Mac, and PC for me.


                        To recap what I did to resolve the issue (after migrating from Classic to CC and encountering the above error):

                        1. Sync Lightroom Classic with the cloud-based Lightroom CC library
                        2. Remove images that show up under "Sync Errors" from the library
                        3. Delete "~/Pictures/Lightroom Library.lrlibrary" (on Mac) and/or delete "C:\Users\[User Name]\AppData\Local\Adobe\Lightroom CC\Data" (on Windows).
                          (I don't recall whether I cleared the cache on Lightroom CC for iOS or whether the issue resolved on mobile automatically)
                        4. Re-sync Lightroom CC on each platform.


                        I hope the above is helpful to others with the same problem.

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                          Just to add my penance, my catalogue migrated successfully and without errors. It's only when I moved my albums from the "migrated nest folder" to the root folder, that the error started. Will try the resync again.

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                            Like Ken_CP said, there is a less drastic fix for this. You click on square view, then alt-click the cloud sync icon and Lightroom CC shows you the invalid files that you can delete.