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    Bridge CC and Lightroom CC

    RomFro Level 1

      My biggest issue (other than no curves) with LR CC so far is that the import from camera features are too basic.


      I want to:

      1. Rename my photos to something meaningful;

      2. Keep a copy of my imports locally; and

      3. Make an extra copy on an external drive.


      The only way I see I can do these things now is to use Bridge CC to import from my camera and save to a desired location. Bridge also does most of the other things you can do when importing from LR Classic (e.g. add copyright and keywords to all photos). Once the photos are on the drive, I open up LR CC and add them to the cloud.


      This may help bypass the “local storage” option in LR CC all together. Local storage opt is confusing me, and I don’t trust it is giving me all my images.


      Do others agree that this is a good workflow for people who want more options when adding photos from a camera?


      Bridge is free with Creative Cloud, so it should come with the LR CC & 1TB plan, right?