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    Difference between Photography plan and Photoshop Single App...

    Tamara Jxn

      I would like to know the difference between Photography plan ($ 9.99 and $ 19.99) and Photoshop Single App ($ 19.99). I have the Photography Plan $ 9.99 because I edit photos, but I am not a professional photographer, I only edit some photos and selfies, but I love doing Filters and actions and tutorials of "professional" edition to share to the community.


      And as I mentioned in another "post" I make icons and designs -jpg, png, psd etc- with Photoshop, to earn a few cents (In the forum you answered that this was fine and I did not have I change my plan , but I could not use vectors) since I can not buy Illustrator because of the high price in Latin America . Then I would like to know Is there anything that changes or improves between the Photography plan and Photoshop Single App? Thanks