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    Overlay an annotation on top of a field object




      First, let me apologize because this question is basically a duplicate of question 9881727, which was asked a couple of weeks ago. However, it was never answered.


      I'm using Acrobat Javascript and creating both annotations and field objects, e.g. buttons and text boxes. The field objects always obscure the annotations.  Stated another way, the field objects are on top of the annotations.


      Question: Is there any way to make annotations visible whenever they overlap field objects?  Perhaps some programmable Z-order property for either annotations or field objects?


      Note that I don't need alternative programming suggestions in order to avoid this issue, I just need to know if an annotations can ever be made visible when they overlap a field object?  Note that my field objects are NOT transparent, i.e. they are solidly colored.


      Thanks for your help!