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    Not enough space on main volume, no matter what

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      I have been trying to migrate my catalog to Lightroom CC now for a week. Every time it tells me I don't have enough space on main volume, so every time I delete more files or move some to external drives (that second option is now becoming limited as one drive is full and the other needs all the space it still has to move the collection before uploading /sigh).


      Now, the interesting part is that the error message tells me I need 69.48 Gb (the first few tries said it only needed 66 Gb), but I have now cleared up to 119 Gb of space. How is 69.48 Gb bigger than 119 Gb? What else can I delete? Mac OS?


      Additional informational:

      - I am running the latest OS on a mid 2010 iMac, 256 Gb SSD

      - The computer has been rebooted a few times

      - Lightroom CC has been deleted and re-installed

      - Lightroom CC has to re-check file paths at EVERY attempt, meaning a process that can come close to 2 hours each time

      - I'm about to cry


      Hopefully I can get this to work soon because Lightroom CC is the kind of service I had been looking for for a while.




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          Honestly, I'm not sure what to try anymore. This is discouraging and the wait in between each try is becoming unbearable. 137 Gb available, yet it's not enough to store under 70 Gb of previews. And they're previews.. why do they even take up that much space? and why can't I put them on a different drive?


          Screen Shot 2017-10-26 at 6.54.15 PM.pngScreen Shot 2017-10-26 at 6.55.19 PM.png

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            Probably not the place to complain about this, but the cherry of top.. I'm in line to get help from an Adobe representative and someone actually managed to cut in line. Went from 14th to 15th. Yay.


            Screen Shot 2017-10-26 at 7.13.28 PM.png

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              Jao vdL Adobe Community Professional & MVP

              This is really badly designed in Lightroom CC indeed. But to perhaps help, the display in your screenshot shows that you don't actually have 137 GB available but it looks like it is actually much less. Have you run through some of the stuff behind the manage button?I would guess there is stuff on there that hasn't actually been deleted. Next, did you first set Lightroom's preference to use an external disk as local storage? That will relieve some pressure of the internal. Also, if your images are those on the LaCie drive, it is going to be virtually impossible to migrate them to Lightroom CC in one go. Lightroom first copies all the images over to the internal drive before uploading them and yes this is a bad design. You either have to migrate in pieces (export parts of your catalog to new catalog files and migrate those to Lightroom CC one by one and wait until all images are uploaded every time) in that case or give up on using Lightroom CC with all your images. Note that Lightroom CC is a very pale ghost of Lightroom Classic. The cloud storage idea is great and is really the only reason why you would want to use it but it misses almost every feature that many people find essential.

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                I've moved most part to the trash and emptied it, so the available space is indeed there. I've used the Manage option to fin these files, yes.


                The migration requires a large amount of space for two separate reasons:


                - It needs to copy your files to a new location before starting the upload. That needs the biggest area to work as it gathers all your documents in one spot (and it copies them, it doesn't move them, so if your photos take more than half an external drive, you would need a second drive to copy them to.. really bad design flaw). That's the portion that gets solved when you set the preference to use the external drive storage.


                - It then needs a large space on the main drive (I couldn't figure out any way to set this to another drive than the main, and I've read on another thread that it wasn't possible) to create the previews and add some more data.


                That second part is where my issue was in the end. Eventually, I just kept trying and trying, failure after failure, and just now it finally seems to have worked (I stopped deleting stuff, there's practically nothing left on my drive, for real).


                Everything seemed to indicate that my main drive had that 137 Gb actually available, issue seemed to come from LRCC.


                For the reduced functionality, an online rep from Adobe confirmed I would be able to access my catalog from Classic as well. I'm a bit scared now though because judging on my last interaction with them, they unfortunately don't seem that knowledgeable - I believe all they do is search databases and give answers based on keywords. Hopefully they were right on this front at least because migration has just started