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    Which version of Lightroom would be best to use for a designer?

    Bryan Weiss

      I am trying to figure out which version of Lightroom (Classic or CC) to use, or to use both. I am a graphic designer and as such have the full CC creative package that includes everything plus 1TB of storage. So pricing of photography plans is not a consideration for me. I am strictly concerned with workflow.


      I currently use Aperture but have gotten hugely lazy keeping up with it know that Apple is no longer supporting it. I haven't yet started using Apple Photos. I've been debating whether to migrate my library to Lightroom and now with the new versions I'm pretty confused.


      A fully synced library on all devices would be nice, as would a cloud backup. However I do keep multiple local backups. I generally prefer to have all my photos stored locally (Yes, I'm old school and just feel better "having" all my photos on my machine).


      From what I've read so far, it sounds like people do use both applications. Classic and CC. Sounds like the keywords and metadata is the biggest hangup between the two.


      Anyone have any input on how a workflow would look using both? Or if I should be using only one? I do use my iPhone for most photos, but also use a DSLR.