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    Very Frustrated with the CC 2018 update

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      What I am seeing across several forums is a bunch of frustrated power users of Adobe software in general.  Photographers are very concerned about the latest version Lightroom CC, graphic designers and developers are concerned about the “failure” of Dimension CC to even load on our workstations much less render the simplest of objects without frying our machines and print media people squawking about inDesign CC.  Meanwhile, many of us are stuck with older versions of buggy software.  PhotoShop still has enormous “memory leak” problems that quickly eats up all 16GB of my core memory and runs agonizingly slow, especially when saving files over 1GB in size.  After all, most of us are describing much more powerful machines than the minimum requirement descriptions in the Adobe ad slicks.  Apparently Adobe doesn’t feel I have the right kind of 4 CPU cores running 16GB DDR3 memory, 2 Video cores running 2GB VRAM and 1200 CUDA cores.


      it seems like Adobe is pushing latest the latest workflow:

      1.  Take a photo with an iPhone,

      2.  process it on your iPad with Lightroom CC,

      3.  store it on the cloud,

      4.  submit it to Adobe Stock CC,

      5.  buy the Adobe Stock CC “asset” for mere pennies,

      6.  incorporate this “asset” into your latest and greatest…web page design, logo design, video, 3D trick or VR app for one of the FLAAG companies.


      Fortunately, I realized a couple of years ago my aging Mac Pro would eventually need to be replaced.  OS X updates quit doing version updates with Yosemite.  I only get security updates now.  We are also transitioning from one life stage to the next so we have an “update the hardware now, or for ever hold your peace” situation.


      So I made the plunge and bought the latest and greatest iMac today and am excited about integrating this into my workflow.  However, the last thing I want to do is “fry” my “bread and butter” machine with a minor league app like Dimension CC.  This new iMac also uses the P3 color space, a truly cinematic color space used by the real professionals in the business.  This forces me to take a hard look at how I carry on business with Adobe products.

      1.  The new iMac with the P3 color space will need color management throughout my entire creative process

      2.  Premiere Pro does not have any kind of color management process

      3.  Media Encoder has always been a POJ to work with…I have been, along with plenty of co-creatives, trying to figure out a way to get output from Premiere Pro without using Media Encoder.  I have been quite happy with the way my Dell R815, with 32 cores, rips right through a video rendering session.  and it doesn’t tie up my main workstation.

      4.  I use Audition but there are boatloads of alternatives out there, like Logic Pro

      5.  PhotoShop works ok but it is getting to be a pain to keep hitting the “memory flush” button every time I do something.  Especially after closing files.

      6.  And finally regarding Dimension CC.  Blender works on both my Mac Pro and the Dell R815 running Ubuntu server…and…the blender development team has a team working on the iMac model I just bought.


      hmmmm, time for a change?

      1.  Eliminate the Adobe CC tax and save $600/year

      2.  Replace Premiere Pro, Media Encoder, Audition and After Effects with Apple’s “Pro Apps Bundle” for ~$500 (one time).

      3.  Replace PhotoShop and Illustrator with Affinity Photo and Affinity Designer for ~$100 (one time).

      4.  I never liked Lightroom anyway and it has never been in my workflow.

      5.  Adobe Stock CC?  you have to be kidding, I use my own images.


      The boss signed off on it without hesitation.


      signing off for now,  Fred


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