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    Problems importing HTML in RH6

    MSCaroline Level 1
      Hi everyone,

      This is not a request for a solution per se (that is, my workflow is not resting on answers to this), but a request for information/ideas/experiences. I've run into a problem with RH6 and am wondering if anyone has experienced anything similar or has any insight into this matter.

      I am working on creating a help project based on a book. The book was originally composed in Scientific Workplace, which is a WYSIWYM LaTeX interface. The material was exported to html from SW. Not bad html, either, all things being equal, but very large files with huge numbers of graphics, because all math equations (including inline symbols) are exported as graphics. Where I ran into trouble was importing these files into a project in RH6. The first few would come in okay, but as the project grew larger (and as the files grew more complex), each successive import would take longer. The last one I tried, I stopped at 4 hours. Given that I was importing chapter 5 of about 25 chapters, that kind of import time wasn't really workable. Even copying/pasting into RH-created topics was prohibitively slow, though, so it wasn't JUST an import issue.

      Here's the interesting part. I have a trial version of RH7, which was able to import all of the material in a total of under 20 minutes. I suspect, although I'm not sure, that this may be because the code generated by RH7 is so much closer to "normal" html.

      Has anyone else run into trouble importing large and/or graphics-heavy html files into RH6? If so, do you know why and/or have you found any effective workarounds? I'm in favor of encouraging my company to upgrade to version 7, but I need to investigate fully to make sure that there isn't some really good solution to this within the version we already have.