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    Affiliate Link


      I have signed up for the affiliate link and gone through all the steps to set up, yet when it comes to identifying which product i have it is very unclear. Please can anyone advise how i match the product i pay for and those on the link. I have contacted via chat 4 times over the past several weeks and not one person was able to advise.

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          Ussnorway Adobe Community Professional

          what is the name of the Adobe system/ app you want help with?

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            cmgap Adobe Community Professional

            Hi Jaxtar - which affiliate link are you referring to? Did you purchase a software license through an affiliate? Did you download software from a link? Can you look in your downloads folder at recent downloads?

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              jaxstar79 Level 1



              It was an affiliate link sent to me and we signed up and it then asked for me to select options of which I wasn’t sure from the attached which was the same as what I currently have.


              Please advise as have spent weeks trying to find out


              Kind Regards


              Jackie Forster

              Business Manager


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                Pariah Burke Level 4

                Can you post screenshots of where you're being asked for affiliate/app


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