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    Hash Symbol In URL

    Jaz Chana Level 1
      Hi guys, simple question. When I deploy and run my app, I load it up in the web browser using the url;
      However the flash player seems to add a # symbol at the end of the url. For example;
      of course internet explorer goes mad when it sees this. I cant seem to figure out why this is there or how to get rid of it. Its causes a problem because if anyone wants to bookmark the page they can't because of the hash symbol. Does anyone know of a workaround or a solution.

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          Jaz Chana Level 1
          Seems like this got lost in the myriad of posts. Is there anyone that has a solution or a suggestion, or is there anyone whose having the same problem?

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            Did you find a solution to this problem? does anyone else know the cause?


            When I access a url www.someurl.com/


            the flex app starts to initialise .. when it completes I always end up at


            www.someurl.com/#  ... I cant figure out why this happens or how to stop it? anyone please help