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    Full width background video widgets not working since 2018 update


      I have been creating a website for a while now and I started the homepage with a background full width video, using a free widget from another site. This was working  before the update. It was a widget that required .MP4 files and .webm files.


      However, since the update, the video doesn't even show up in the preview let alone play, it's as if it's not even there. I have gone on to other site's with other free video widgets but the do exactly the same thing. I have managed to find only one that plays using a link to youtube, it does not fill the screen with video but gives a black boarder in the gaps of the site, which is not the look I was going for, and means that the video is not always fully visible in certain break points if the browser height is too long.


      The website I have been on for the video widgets are;


      HTML5 Video Player Widget for Adobe Muse | Creativated.com

      https://musefree.com/demo/mulib/16/index.html https://musefree.com/demo/mulib/16/index.html


      The one that was originally working was the muse themes widget.


      Any help would be greatly appreciated, as this is causing me to become gradually more and more insane as I repeatedly press the preview button in the hope it will magically start working again.


      Kind regards,


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          I had this happen with a Muse Themes Widget. Cinch. Sent MT the file and it has not been fixed as far as I know.

          so when Adobe included a responsive slideshow widget we switched it out and used the native Muse slideshow widget it worked fine. It’s not a background widget.


          As a few others have stated 3rd party widgets can be great when they work. We try not to use too many. It’s a variable I don’t like To have to deal with time wise. A few others have said the same thing here.


          It’s good to have the choices that 3rd party widgets offer but the basic everyday variety of widgets should be included in Muse like Photoshop does. Adobe is doing this more than before ...glad to see more useful responsive widgets being included.


          You will I’ll probably have to contact the third party vendors and ask them. The “ball” of blame gets tossed around so be prepared.

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