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    Webserver for playing FLVs

      Our website draws about 2500 visits a day. We are currently hosting our site with Godaddy's premium shared hosting plan. We have some videos (FLV) about 30 min long each. We want to put them on our website as a video showcase playlist. First question is, do we go with progressive or streaming? Second, if streaming do we need a streaming flv server? What would be the best way to do this? Do I need additional software on my hosting end?
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          You do not need a special server. You can use Dreamweaver to do a progressive loading video. Open new file in DW, click 'insert' > 'media' > 'flash video'. choose the source, choose a skin, put in the height and width (or even easier click auto detect) click ok. save the html and upload the proper files to your server. this works very well for me!
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            travbook_pro Level 1
            ps a progressive load video means it will load about two percent then start the video playing and will continue to load the video in the background while it is playing. I do this all the time with 1hr + long videos and it works nicely :) good luck!
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              Bengal313 Level 1
              Thank you. Quick question? Progressive vs Streaming. When do you use progressive and when to you upgrade to Streaming?
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                Damon Edwards Level 3
                You will need to make sure your server supports the FLV MIME type, no matter which method you decide to use. Godaddy is not a true streaming server using rtmp (real time messaging protocol), which only serves out the video data that is necessary to play at that point. progressive download will download the entire video to the users computer, and you can only view what has already downloaded. On a true streaming server, the video doesn't download, and you're able to scrub to the end of the video instantly since the video doesn't have to download first. If you want to use a true stream, you'll need to either set up your own server using FMS, red5, wowza, or any others. Or, you can pay for a streaming server like a shared hosting plan, like streamguys, or others. If you plan to serve large videos, and/or want to give the option of scrubbing to the end of a movie instantly, then true streaming is the way to go. Otherwise, standard progressive download should be just fine.