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    Flex Configuration


      If I upload a project to a server with its accompanying folders/files, then download to another machine, then import it to FlexBuilder 3 into a project using the import/File System option (nb folders/files are not in archive form), then open the main.mxml of the downloaded group of files/folders from within the project file. Everything looks fine, but when I try to debug the file, there's no 'Debug a Flex application' only the native eclipse java debug options. I'm using Vista with Flex plugin. I can try define a Flex configuration, but then get 'windows no disc' error. Any way to avoid this error, good practice procedures? eg only export a release build or archive? Is there some way some of the downloaded files are in conflict with the project 'parent files'. Should this be done a different way?


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          The way to do this is the native FlexBuilder3 archive feature. But I still found a number of problems with it. I export archive out of FB3 on XP pro. Delete project. Then import the archive file. Everything opens and tests fine.

          However, when I transfer/import the archive into another machine with vista, it opens ok, but run the debugger and get the 'No disc error'.

          I could do with something like a conf file to compare all the settings on the vista machine to that of the xp pro one, but there is none, nor afaik an install log file. Can't get the standalone ver of FB3 to work at all on vista, I did get the flex plugin ver to work, but now its throwing errors such as the above, it appears buggy to me.

          there would also appear to be a set of protocols on the vista Plugin ver of FB3 different to that of standalone ver of FB3 on xp pro. Appears until they get sorted I got to stick with xp pro.