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    Has Photoshop Elements copied all of my photos?


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      I am a newcomer to PS Elements, purchased the 2018 version last week and have been busy setting up since (35k images).

      I had thought that Elements referenced the images on my iMac's hard-disk and that importing only created a catalog. I noticed that the available hard-disk space on my iMac had decreased significantly since last week and investigated. It seems that Elements has created a folder called 'Adobe' which contains 14,961 'json' files. It also contains 17,000 JPG, CR2 & DNG files which are identical in size and appearance to most of my hard-disk images, effectively doubling the size of my image holding!

      Can anyone tell me please, whether these are truly copies, why they have been created, and whether/how they can be deleted without risking my originals or the integrity of PS Elements?

      Many thanks...