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    Photoshop CC Update - Changes to PDF? Help!


      Hello! I need some help!


      For a while I've been creating multiple artboards in Photoshop and using "Export - Artboards to PDF" to select an individual artboard and export it as such.


      Prior to the update, my PDFs have been correct "actual size" and resolution for printing, with minimal file size (typically under 10mb), which is what I need. After the update, my PDFs are still the same print size and resolution, but the file sizes are massive, upwards of 800mb, way too big to email.


      What can I do to revert back to exporting Photoshop PDFs with a reasonable file size from selected artboards? As a workaround, I was able to bring the massive PDF into Illustrator and export from there, with a small file size, but that just adds an extra, unwanted step.


      I appreciate your answers!