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    UI Scaling unavailable in PS 2018


      Hey guys.


      Looked for the answer in other posts but couldn't resolve the issue.


      My UI Scaling option is greyed out.


      I'm using a Macbook Pro mid 2012, 13,3" (not Retina) with High Sierra.


      Any ideia what's wrong?


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          JJMack Most Valuable Participant

          I though Photoshop UI scaling was a Windows preference it was introduced in CC 2014 as an experiment feature. I see it is available in my CC 2018 on windows.  It is still full of issues and Adobe is working on a new implementation there is a beta test version you can sign up to test.  I do not know if it includes Mac support.  I never installed the beta for Adobe was not working on the scripting area that I was interested in when the beta was announced.