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    Where is the master..


      If I add photo's to a collection on my desktop / laptop in Lightroom Classic CC, and sync this collection so they appear in Lightroom CC, and on my iPad / iPhone. Where is the master or owner? I have switched off the synchronisation in Lightroom Classic CC and left it for some time. When I look at Lightroom CC, although the albums are synchronised, the photo's are still on my iPhone (if I select all photo's). Do I now have to remove them manually from my iPhone?



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          Jao vdL Adobe Community Professional & MVP

          In this hybrid case where you upload from Classic, Classic uploads a smart preview of your file. For Lightroom Classic, the local copy always remains the master no matter whether you sync or not. However, for the CC ecosystem, the smart preview in the cloud is the master so it remains there until you delete it off the cloud even if you turn off syncing in Classic.