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    Premiere Pro 2018 - Terrible Performance

    EricMS Level 1

      Wow...what a piece of garbage. Adobe has once again released beta software for the paying customers to test. This should be embarrassing for Adobe.


      First we encountered the Dolby codec fiasco with absolutely no warning from Adobe to the customers before upgrading their software. Our group alone has wasted more than 20 hours on that issue.


      Then the absolutely terrible performance on the exact same computers that were running CC 2017 effectively.


      • The Program Monitor consistently hangs when applying some transitions
      • The timeline freezes if we scrub through anything with more than 5 tracks
      • The application crashes constantly
      • Our computers' internal fans run louder than ever as the hardware runs in overdrive mode
      • Very glitchy performance when playing the timeline (even at 1/4 resolution mode and High Quality playback turned off)
      • Errors with video clips (Dolby) that worked fine with 2017 (yes, I realize the technical issue but now we have to re-encode all of our native clips that worked fine before)
      • Etc.


      We've upgraded our nVidia graphic drivers to the latest version but that did not help.

      We've been told to uninstall, use the Adobe cleaner, and re-install...no change.


      We've read that others are being told to ignore the fact that we all pay a subscription to get the latest and greatest yet need to remove the 2018 version and reinstall the older version. Really? After many of our production users have already opened and saved their projects with the new version making the project files incompatible?


      Our company runs Windows 7 64-bit and have no option at this time to upgrade to Windows 10 as Adobe keeps suggesting for many issues that are surfacing. Again, our existing hardware and OS worked fine with the previous version.


      If an update isn't pushed out soon to address these problems, someone please let me know what an alternative would be (on Windows).

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          Jim_Simon Level 8

          Our company runs Windows 7 64-bit and have no option at this time to upgrade to Windows 10


          That will be a problem for you going forward.


          You'll need to upgrade eventually.  Like Windows XP, MS will shut off all support for 7.  This might be a good time to lobby for 10.

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            EricMS Level 1

            Yeah...tell me about it. Our company is large and takes forever to migrate/upgrade to anything on a global scale. Luckily Adobe CC is only for our department so we were able to implement that otherwise we would still be on Adobe CS4 if they had their way...then again, after this latest version I might prefer that! 


            And yes, I have our department's group in the queue for the company's Win10 pilot test which is scheduled for early next year.


            Like most companies that watch their bottom line extensively, they lag on any upgrades until absolutely necessary.


            Yes, we are still using MS Office 2007...finally moving to 2010!  Sigh.

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              Jim_Simon Level 8

              Oh, that's frustrating.  I freelance for both a small company and a college, and the former is sooo much easier to get things done.


              Beaurocracy sucks!

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                We are experiencing many of the same issues with 2018 and I am running Windows 10. My partner is running MAC OS Sierra Version 10.12.6 and she will not upgrade to 2018 after seeing all the issues I've been encountering. I've tried to go back to 2017 but then I encountered the Dolby issue which I can not seem to resolve at all. (why can I import MTS clips into 2018 and have sound but I can not with 2017?) I've settled with 2018 because I need to get back to work (I do wedding videography and lost a week and a half of work trying to resolve these issues), but 2018 keeps freezing in the program monitor every so often and the only solution is to restart the program. Luckily I can still save so I don't lose anything but it is very inconvenient, frustrating and time consuming to have to restart the program 4 times every hour. Is there any fix to these issues on the horizon? Is there a fix to the Dolby issues with 2017?

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                  ProDesignTools MVP & Adobe Community Professional

                  For suggestions to work around the Dolby issue, see this related Forums thread:


                  The specified item was not found.


                  (Please read through the entire thread for the most possible solutions.)

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                    vanlazarus2013 Level 1

                    It is shocking how inefficient Premiere has become.  Most of us, here on the forums, are running high end computers, and yet Premiere gets slower and slower with every release.  I'm still suffering with import times in the MINUTES for a dozen clips or WAV files.


                    Adobe, please take the pedal off of the gazillion features pipeline, and, instead, bug fix and optimize.  Your code base must be a mess.  It's getting worse and worse.  There is something very wrong with a program that takes MINUTES to import a bunch of files into a project.  It's not useable.


                    My standard procedure with my current workflow is to start an import and come here, to the forums, to vent.


                    Oh, and I demanded my subscription to be free for 2 months.  And I'll demand it again in two months if the import bug still exists.  Everyone using this beta software should DEMAND the same.  EVERYONE!  Seriously, if you're here, suffering one of these project crippling bugs, you shouldn't be paying for the Creative Cloud.  I'm tired of marketing that sells new updated software when I'm terrified to upgrade knowing there's a good chance my productivity will be destroyed.


                    Demand your refund or free months of subscription today.  Please. For the benefit of everyone here.  Adobe will only change if they start to feel it in the bottom line.