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    Branch from Photoshop Elements and move to Photoshop



      I have been using Photoshop for 15 years. The last version i had was CS5 and everything was fine as all the previous versions of Photoshop, ALLL the way back to the early V2!. THEN I upgraded to CC 2017... WTF! O.o... What have they done to my beloved Photoshop??

      This 'Auto snap even when the snap is turned off bull s**t' is the latest in a list of.. 'if it ant broke I'm gonna try and fix it anyway because i have to look like I'm doing something ',is taking the Biscuit! on a similar point..WHY have you taken the Adjustment tool away from us?? i used it EVERY DAY!! and dont tell me 'Color balance' works just as well ...IT DOESNT!!!! >:/ Grumbles


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