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    Missing professional graduation and color tools

    Ralf Jüngling

      Can it be that for Adobe at Lightroom CC ambitious photographers and professional users are no longer in the focus? It reminds me of Apple's Aperture ... somewhere was only developed for non-professionals.

      I miss the graduation and color settings. This is a standard. I can not edit each picture individually with the brush function. Only with exposure depths and lights is no professional processing possible :-(

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          MelissaLA88 Adobe Community Professional

          Hi, Ralf,

          I like to think of Lightroom CC as a prototype... or Lightroom 'Light'. I personally am still using Lightroom Classic and will continue to do so. I believe that additional features will eventually come along for Lightroom CC and hopefully it will be more like the Lightroom we all know and love!

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            Jao vdL Adobe Community Professional & MVP

            Lightroom CC is definitely not really suitable for professional and ambitious photographers as it currently misses loads of features that are present in Lightroom Classic which got updated at the same time and is a great app that is not going away anytime soon and is not getting deemphasized. Lightroom CC is just for a different audience and perhaps in addition to Classic when you sync images on Classic that you can edit on any machine with CC and on iOS/Android (yes this works just fine as it always did!). That said, Lightroom CC does have a graduated filter. It is right below the brush icon. You can do the same stuff with it as in Classic Lightroom. I am not sure what you mean by color settings as those are also all present but perhaps you are referring to split toning? That is indeed not there but is strangely present in the iPad version. The color sliders are all there when you click on the little color wheel in the color section. They work exactly like Classic Lightroom.

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              Ralf Jüngling Level 1

              Now I have testet and understand – lighroom cc is not for professional editing of your photos, but works hand in hand with classic. after migration there is a working synch between Lightroom CC and classic. after first frustration - now I'm happy about more possibilities working on different places and have all my images portable. Only really bad is the tagging in CC. it would be great to tag with handy or pad. but I miss the possibility to work with used tags - not for every tagging to write a new tag. maybe I didn't find out. think tagging with using the database instead of writing the same tag again and again is a standard since years in every database I know. If it not work yet I think adobe will work on a solution, because this would be Theo most important function for portable working with pad or smartphone.

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                MelissaLA88 Adobe Community Professional


                Portability is definitely a strength of Lightroom CC. If you are the kind of person who switches often between, for example, your computer and your iPad, then Lightroom CC definitely has some advantages for you! It is still missing plenty of features though but hopefully those will come along at some point! Viel Glueck!