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    Location of Connection Key

    J4net Level 1
      Where does one find connection key after downloading app? Once I downloaded Contribute CS3, I don't remember seeing anything about a connection key. I received the serial number for the purchase but that's it from what I remember.
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          ThinkInk Level 2
          You do not receive a connection key. A connection key is something created by an administrtor of Contribute to provide users with an easy manner to create a connection to a website.
          When you purchased Contribute for yourself you will have to create a connection yourself. What you, in most cases, need is a ftp address, a username and a password. In the main menu go to Edit>My Connections, and create a new connection.
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            J4net Level 1
            Thanks. I eventually got this clarified when reading over some of Contribute's tutorials in their index. I do have the ftp info you referenced and have been using that.