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    There was a problem reading this document (109) (118) & Out of Memory Error in XI and DC


      I have users who are constantly getting these three errors for the past year and I have been trying to find a resolution that works. Almost as often as 2-4 times a day.


      • There was an error processing a page. There was a problem reading this document (109)
      • There was a problem reading this document (118)
      • Out of Memory


      Once one of these errors appear, the pages in the PDF will become blank. Reopening the PDF usually works but would sometimes get the same error again and will become blank. The tough part is that there is no consistency. Our users constantly edit hundreds of different government PDFs and with each document being pass around each other. Almost every couple days they would touch different PDFs and would always happen. Sometimes the errors will appear with other documents from other departments that work just fine on other computers. These would come up with users with Acrobat XI and DC, both with the latest updates as of 10/26/2017. The weird part is that these errors would happen only with specific users over and over, and have no reports from other users. Tried to reinstall Acrobat, downgrading to an earlier version for both XI and DC, tried to reimage the computer, clear temp files, changing page file allocation size, updated graphics drivers, updated all drivers and software updates, optimizing a PDF, None has worked so far.


      Any other suggestions?