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    Saving LARGE TIFF as SMALL PNG w/o aliasing?

    cgodepski Level 1

      I am being driven crazy with this issue. I hope someone can help and its an easy fix.


      I only have large TIFF files to work with. I need to save them for web, but when I open the tiff and place it in the file size/format I need, i get INSANE (what I believe to be) aliasing issues. The only workaround Ive found is saving it to a medium-sized file in comparison to the tiff (4514x1575) saving it as a png. And then opening the PNG and resizing it again with the width at 1440. If it was 1 or 2 images I wouldn't have a problem, but we are updating our website from a much smaller px width and need to update hundreds of photos.


      Attached is an image that has 2 guitars. The guitar on the bottom is the twice resized (once from tiff to png, then png to smaller png) you can see that we get fairly decent clarity. The top guitar, is a guitar that is being dropped from its native TIFF to the desired 1440 size. You can see the aliasing on the strings up the neck.


      TIA for any input. This is driving me batty!!


      Screen Shot 2017-10-26 at 2.47.21 PM.png