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    DetectFlashVer() incorrect for Flash 10.0.b218

      I can't help but wonder how anybody has ever managed to succesfully compile a Flash 10 app from Flex Builder?!?

      Downloaded the latest 3.0.2 SDK today and, ok, my app compiles, but it wont run because the browser (Firefox 3, Safari 3.1.1 - OSX 10.5.3) claims the necessary Flash Player is not installed.

      Turns out that in the html wrapper DetectFlashVer(10, 0, 0) resolves to false, because the function GetSwfVer() (AC_OETags.js) is returning "10.0.b218" and the 'b' is screwing things up.

      Edited the function, to filter out not just 'd' and 'r' but also 'b' and now everything works.

      Is this an oversight in the SDK? Or what did I do wrong? How the heck has anybody anywhere ever managed to compile and run a Flash 10 project, using the default AC_OETags.js file?!?