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    Blend Mode Shortcuts Failing

    daniellieske Level 1

      Hey Everyone,


      I've got a nasty problem with the new Photoshop CC 2018 version,


      While using the Brush Tool I'm used to changing the tool's Blend Mode by using the keyboard shortcuts (like Shift+Alt+S = Screen Mode, Shift+Alt+M = Multiply Mode, ...). Those shortcuts are officially documented here: Keyboard shortcuts for using blending modes


      However, it seems that this does not longer work in the latest Photoshop release. For example, when I'm in the Brush Tool and I'm hitting Shift+Alt+S, the Select Menu tab from the main menu opens. Or when I'm pressing Shift+Alt+M, the Color Sampler Tool is activated. It looks like in these cases Photoshop misses the third key (Select Menu = Alt+S, Color Sampler Tool = Alt+Shift, ... ).


      Does anyone else have the same problem? I need to find out if I broke something on my version. I'm running Photoshop on Windows 10 and I can't live without these shortcuts so the new version is useless for me as long as this problem exists.