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    Flash and CGI

      Hi everyone, i'm stuck with an issue and i can't seem to find the solution for it.

      Let's say i have a cfm file that has an embeded swf game. This game obtains data from my server, therefore there will be validation modules and such.

      The problem is, if somebody manages to grab/download/etc the swf file from my cfm, and runs it through his computer or website, then i would need to prevent the swf from connecting to my server. So, what im planning is, to check for the website/or the location that hosts the swf file, If it is not from my server, then i will deny all access. Is there a way for me to implement that.

      My original play was to use cgi.HTTP_HOST, but i can't find any reference about implementing in actionscript.

      Any help will be appreciated.