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    Can't Save As .PSD


      Hi there. Recently, out of the blue Photoshop CC started not allowing me to save as a .psd. It is not doing it all the time, just randomly but I use Photoshop so much that is happens nearly every second day.


      The problem is when I create a file, create layers etc and then I am ready to save I choose SAVE or SAVE AS and nothing happens. No error message. Nothing. If I have another file open in Photoshop I try to save that as a .psd and that won't work either. Nothing happens so it is not just the file I am working on - it is any Photoshop file I have open at the time. I can EXPORT and SAVE FOR WEB but cannot save as a .psd. I end up losing the file and restarting Photoshop. It will work fine for a while and then randomly this issue will happen again later that day or the next day. Doesn't matter the size of the file either.


      Does anyone know what the issue could be? I have reset Preferences and that didn't fix the problem and all updates are up to date.


      Thanks in anticipation.