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    Contact forms not working with Webfusion/Heart internet

    Barney 947850

      Hi all,


      I'm having a problem with my contact forms not working on my site.


      I am using Muse 2017.0.4.8 - i dare not update after last time.


      My hosting is with Webfusion although they are now owned by Heart Internet. It is a shared hosting platform.


      The forms state the emails have been sent but they just disappear, they do not show up in junk or webmail. The email address is the same as the domain - my client had the same issue with Godaddy however i was able to quickly resolve this with the help of the forum and changing the MX mail server to accept 'Remote Mail Exchanger'.


      The problem is as this is a shared hosting platform Webfusion have refused to make the change to the mail server - presumable as it would affect everyone else on that platform. They also say that is is not necessary as i have specified MX servers.


      I am loathed to buy more hosting somewhere else as i'm sure there is an answer.


      Webfusion are being extremely difficult. They ran a test by putting a mail test.php on my server and apparently that shows a form can work so therefore it is not a problem with the hosting but errors with the code in the form.


      They refuse to say what the errors are. So i am stuck.


      Can anyone at Muse suggest a solution to this. It has been going on for a while now.


      Thanks in advance for any help.