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    Signing multiple documents that are stored in Box




      I have a workflow I would like to setup using Adobe Sign.

      I could use some help in evaluating if it is possible or find me alternatives.



      I have an office manager who places up to 100 pfd's a month on a certain folder ("To Approve")  in Box. (Cloud storage).


      I would like to approve these docs using Adobe Sign.

      > The signed version of the doc should be stored on another folder ("Approved") and is used as input for our accountancy department.

      > The original can be removed, so our 'To approve' folder is empty again.


      I would like to open them all at once or find them in my docs to sign be able to sign them in a sequence (individually)


      A this moment what the office manager I can do is drag them individually in the echosign Interface, indicate for each one individual where to sign,

      send them individually and have them opened and signed individually and locally download a signed version and upload it to box...

      Way to long and to much manipulation.


      Is it possible with Adobe Sign what I want to achive?


      Thanks for you feedback,