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    Cannot save my mode-preferences


      Suddenly i cannot save changes in my mode-preferences. It never happened before. Everything seems ok when i chose options in mode, and i can choose apply and ok, but if I oppen preferences again i can see that the changes are not saved and i can´t record with the mode options i want. I have that problem only with mode, I can save changes in settings and defaults...

      I can´t figure out what´s the problem, I´ve tried with some of my old projects and started new ones, and it´s the same thing everywhere. Can anybody help me? thanks!
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          CatBandit Level 3
          Welcome to the community.

          Try deleting your DAT file.
          First, shut down Captivate.
          Then navigate to your Application Data folder which will be located somewhere like ...

          C:\Documents and Settings\YOURNAME\Application Data\Adobe\Adobe Captivate

          The filename is " captivate_v30.dat"

          After deleting that file, restart Captivate, and let us know if that helps. Captivate will automatically rebuild the DAT file to default values, so after restarting, you will want to again set up the mode settings you want to maintain.

          P.S. I may be wrong about all of this. But try it anyway. Another community expert will almost certainly be along shortly to let you know how to actually fix the problem, and this will give you something to do while waiting.